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March 1, 2017 | We Love | Story by Evan Mbogai

A Dog Without A Spleen

Later that evening me and my kids were taking care of Rick. It was kind of funny explaining to my two kids the importance behind Ricky’s surgery. They were a little unable to understand how one can survive without an internal body organ. At one point they even thought that Ricky would be handicapped. At the end of the day as Ricky slept peacefully I could not help but reflect on the relationship we have built with Rick for the past four years. This interesting dog with a unique personality definitely is a darling and a blessing to me and my family. Continue Reading >

January 16, 2017 | We Love | Story by Evan Mbogai

A Loving (And Naughty!) Dog – A Personal Story

Apart from annoying, Ricky is very lovable. Well he’s annoying because he has been happily destroying all the locks in the house for the past four years. It’s even a shock why we haven’t been robbed yet. Apart from that, the young lad can be terribly obnoxious when put on leash. When we visited our small town I was impressed at the number of dogs owned by the natives in my hometown. They are just as many dogs living there as the people on the streets. The coexistence was so impressive; the dogs were just as friendly to each other as their owners were. There must be a secret universal code among the dogs, genetically running in their brains that coordinate how they respond to each other. Continue Reading >

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