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March 22, 2017 | We Learn | Story by Denzel B.

What Does Your Dog Really Think Of You?

Have you ever just sat there looking at your dog sleep and thought: “I wonder what he/she thinks of me?” First of all, when you come into the room, I wonder what our dogs mentally say to themselves to acknowledge our presence. Is it positive? Like “here comes (insert awesome dog owner name)” or is it more personal like “wow he/she’s put on weight” or “really? You wore that outfit last weekend”. Continue Reading >

February 6, 2017 | We Learn | Tips from Denzel B.

How To Use Your Dog To Find Love

If you start to find that your nights are beginning to consist of you wrapped up with your dog, watching a sad movie and wishing somebody was there to agree on its sadness (“Why didn’t she just move over?! There was room for Jack!!”), then it may be time to go out and find somebody you can lay with. No not like that, get your minds out the gutter! I meant on the couch while you watch titanic for an epic 9th time. Continue Reading >

October 26, 2016 | We Care | Tips from Denzel B.

5 Signs Of Health Issues With Your Pup

Dogs love to jump up on us, sprint around the park and generally play around so much that it is easy to forget that they can also get sick. And just like any other animal or person that gets sick, they need help. Your dog may not be able to talk (no, dog language does not count) but they will still show you signs that they are not in the best health. Continue Reading >

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