5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy

September 28, 2016 | We Care | Tips from Denzel B.
As crazy as it sounds, dogs are pretty much just like people…who just love mud a lot more! They have their happy days and their upset, whining days and just like us they need their own “pick-me-ups”.

Take a walk. Find time to get out into the fresh air with your dog and really pound that sidewalk or grass (or if you’re really awesome, some mud). Your dog will thoroughly enjoy the fresh air, change of scenery and the chance to run and play with other dogs. Remember this is also a time for you to be with your dog, so don’t be distracted on your phone, or even in your mind. Allow the troubles of the day, whether it is stress at work, troubles with a partner or whatever it may be, to free itself from your mind. A few minutes of catch will easily remedy this!

Give them a bath. We all know that feeling after a hard day doing something we really didn’t want to do (read: going to the in-laws). You get in, run a long hot bath, maybe add some oils, candles or even throw on some music. You remember how good that feels? Why not do the same for your dog? Take time to bathe them, behind the ears, under their claws, really get in there and scrub away until they have that new dog smell. And for those of you reading this and thinking my (insert beloved dog name) would hate that, maybe try introducing them to it slowly. Don’t just run a bath and dump the poor thing in there!

Food. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty much one of the biggest foodies out there. I simply love food. All animals need to eat to survive but who says you can’t eat good at the same time? If you always feed your dog the same thing, why not branch out and try something new? Different flavors, different brands, different types of snacks, whatever you can think of. Imagine if it was yourself, think of how boring it would get to eat exactly the same thing day in and day out.

“Imagine if it was yourself, think of how boring it would get to eat exactly the same thing day in and day out.”

Fresh water. While we’re still on the topic of food, we have to mention water. Far too many owners neglect how important this is and don’t pay enough attention to the water their beloved (insert awesome dog name) is lapping up. You wouldn’t just come into the house and grab a glass of lukewarm water that has been sitting out for who knows how long and may have who knows what in it, right? No, you would probably grab a bottled water from the fridge or run a fresh glass from the tap. It should be no different for dogs. You should work out a way for them to constantly have easy access to fresh, tasty water.

New tricks. The old mantra of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is well played out. Dogs have a brain and just like the human brain it can still always learn something. Try and find a new trick that you think your dog may love and schedule time to teach it to them. There are great sources to look for this, whether it books, online/YouTube or even from watching other dogs and their owners in the park!


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  • Justin / October 13, 2016

    Great blog post!

    • admin / October 13, 2016

      Thanks Justin!

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