5 Signs Of Health Issues With Your Pup

October 26, 2016 | We Care | Tips from Denzel B.
Dogs love to jump up on us, sprint around the park and generally play around so much that it is easy to forget that they can also get sick. And just like any other animal or person that gets sick, they need help. Your dog may not be able to talk (no, dog language does not count) but they will still show you signs that they are not in the best health. 

Bad Breath. Let’s face it, sometimes your dog jumps up on you and this absolutely repulsive stench invades your nose and makes you want to pass out! This is usually because they tasted a snail, licked something they really shouldn’t have or just generally ate something horrendous.  However, constant bad breath, even if you have just brushed their teeth is a cause for concern.

Change in Behavior. If your dog has certain habits like jumping onto the couch to bark at the gardener or normally tangles in your legs during breakfast but hasn’t done so in weeks. It may be something to look into. Just like ourselves when we are not feeling so great, we act differently, we don’t talk as much or smile so often.

Excessive Panting. Dogs. Run. A lot. This is simply “how they dog”. Yet, if your dog always seems to be out of breath and panting, especially if they have done nothing but simply rise up from the floor. You may have a sick dog on your hands. A visit to the vet can put your mind at ease and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

“A visit to the vet can put your mind at ease and it is always better to be safe than sorry.”

Red or Cloudy Eyes. Maybe your dog usually awakens from sleep with a little bit of red eyes but these go within a few minutes. This is OK. Unless your dog continuously has red or cloudy eyes throughout the day. Remember the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul”? Well, they can also be the window to a dog’s health.

Rapid Weight Loss. A dog’s weight can be known to fluctuate, especially between the summer and winter months due to the level of activity. That being said, if your dog suddenly loses a lot of weight without any real change in activity or diet, then these could be alarm bells.

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