What Does Your Dog Really Think Of You?

March 22, 2017 | We Learn | Story by Denzel B.
Have you ever just sat there looking at your dog sleep and thought: “I wonder what he/she thinks of me?” First of all, when you come into the room, I wonder what our dogs mentally say to themselves to acknowledge our presence. Is it positive? Like “here comes (insert awesome dog owner name)” or is it more personal like “wow he/she’s put on weight” or “really? You wore that outfit last weekend”.

What do they even call us? Do they have their own word for human or maybe they can actually pronounce our names…mentally anyway. OK, so we walk into the room, they say our names or acknowledge us and then what? Maybe dogs are the biggest gossipers in the world and they can secretly understand us, yet they choose to remain quiet. So that secret late night phone call you had, or argument with your mother or even that cheat meal on your diet. All of this is secretly recorded into their “doggy files”.

“Then, when you get to a park and they see their friends it all goes off from there. Maybe it goes something like this?”

Other dog: Oh crap, I know that face! What have they done now?

Your dog: OK, so you know she’s been seeing that jerk (insert jerkface’s name)

Other dog: I know the jerk you bark of.

Your dog: She was texting him last night. They’re meeting up this Friday.

Other dog: Shut the front door flap! Are you serious?

Your dog: I know right! How do I stop this?

Other dog: Chew on her new shoes?

Your dog: The Jimmy Choos?

Other dog: Yeah! I mean just look at the name, they’re asking for it.

Your dog: And have no treats for a week again? No way! I learnt my lesson with the Havaiana sandals.

Other dog: Well what then?

Your dog: I’m not sure yet, maybe –

*Other dog suddenly races off after a stick*

Your dog: You’re supposed to be helping!

Other dog: *calling back* I’m sorry, you know I can’t resist a good stick!

Your dog: *rolls eyes* Yeah, I know somebody else like that.

Via Pixabay

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