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Barking the Right Way: Tips for Responsible Dog-Friendly Living

There is an important relationship between responsible dog ownership and community harmony. Ensuring safe containment, maintaining up-to-date health and identification, selecting a dog-friendly home, adhering to local pet laws, ensuring the dog's safety when not around, practicing responsible cleanup, mastering proficient dog walking skills, and committing to behavioral training are all critical to being a good dog owner and a good neighbor. By integrating these practices into daily life, you will be responsible to your pets and contribute to creating a harmonious neighborhood environment! Continue Reading >

August 2, 2019 | We Learn | Tips from Nick Burton

How To Prepare For An Adventure With Your Dog

Traveling on vacation can be an enriching experience, especially if you get to enjoy a location you’ve never been to before. Yet, leaving our beloved dogs behind can be difficult at the best of times, let alone for a week or more. If you’ve been thinking of taking your pooch on a trip with you, here is how you can avoid any travel mishaps. Continue Reading >

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