How To Prepare For An Adventure With Your Dog

August 2, 2019 | We Learn | Tips from Nick Burton

Traveling on vacation can be an enriching experience, especially if you get to enjoy a location you’ve never been to before. Yet, leaving our beloved dogs behind can be difficult at the best of times, let alone for a week or more. If you’ve been thinking of taking your pooch on a trip with you, here is how you can avoid any travel mishaps.

Tailor Your Destination. Before you set out, you need to pick both where you will go and where you will stay once you get there. As you look at potential options, consider more than if your particular breed is legal there. You’ll want a city that is friendly to dogs, as well as somewhere that offers plenty for you to do together, like Austin or San Diego. Once you know the city, you can search online to find a hotel that accommodates your needs and lists any additional fees. After all, some places may restrict breeds, even as other hotels offer pet extras, such as water and food bowls.

Find the Best Airline. There is plenty of research to be done before you book a flight with your dog. Some airlines accept pets but often only under certain conditions, such as enforcing a weight limit or exempting certain airports altogether. You’ll also need to read up on reviews so you can know which airlines are best to avoid. The more time you spend doing research, the better, as you want your choice to have a reliable record of safe pet transportation.

Transport. One of the biggest worries we can have is ensuring a pup’s safety, so what can be done to protect them? Well, a good start is to invest in a carrier designed to handle your dog’s size and mode of travel. For instance, hard-sided models are sturdy and ideal for larger canines, while soft options are perfect for transporting small pups. Of course, you should introduce your buddy before traveling since forcing things could upset them. Thankfully, it may only take a few steps to get them used to it. To start, put the carrier where they sleep and place a few of their favorite things inside it. After a while, they should get used to it and find it comforting on their adventure.

“To start, put the carrier where they sleep and place a few of their favorite things inside it. After a while, they should get used to it and find it comforting on their adventure.”

When You Can’t Bring Them. Unfortunately, even the most pet-friendly of cities may have some activities that just aren’t suited to dogs. In such instances, you don’t want to leave your buddy alone, as this may increase any anxiety they feel being in an unfamiliar place. Depending on their breed, your dog might experience greater stress when separated from you, so get online to see what pet sitters will be available at your destination. Yes, you may be gone for only an hour, but a good pet sitter can make that a stress-free experience for your pup.

Get Them Active. Even if you can’t take them everywhere, your pooch needs to be active to stay healthy and happy. So, go running together on a hiking path, play some fly ball, take an agility class or head down to the local dog park. Before you go, your pup is up to date on their shots and has a current ID tag, either on their collar or microchip. Last, but not least, follow good dog park etiquette by keeping an eye on your fluff ball and cleaning up messes they leave behind.

There are many options to help you include your canine on your vacation. You’ll need to research and prepare, but the results are worth the effort when you have a beautiful experience to share with your dog. Don’t let inconvenience stand in your way, and bring Spot on your trip.

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