Why San Francisco Earns It’s Dog-Friendly Reputation

April 21, 2021 | We Learn | Tips from Mary L. Liken

San Francisco is well known as a top dog-friendly city and with good reason. There is a multitude of amazing dog parks, but what about those days when the frenetic energy that can come with a pack of canines is not appealing?  These spots are perfect when you want to be outdoors with your pooch away from the barking crowds:


The best thing about this popular hang-gliding spot is hiking from the top of the cliff, winding your way down through the trees and ending up on the beach.  Here is where you will definitely find crowds of fellow dogs and dog lovers (even if you weren’t looking for them!)  There are usually dozens, if not hundreds, of friends for your dog to meet and greet!


While McLaren Park is home to two dedicated off-leash dog parks, there are an additional seven miles of trails through lush forests to explore.  Philosopher’s Trail is a favorite for those seeking amazing views!


Mt. Davidson is most widely known as the highest point in the city, with the peak marked by a concrete cross that is the turnaround spot for many hikers.  Venture past this point and you will be rewarded with panoramic views, very few people, and unique foliage comprised mainly of eucalyptus.

“…when you want to be outdoors with your pooch away from the barking crowds!”


Dogs are permitted on this gorgeous beach on the southwest corner of the city, but they must remain on-leash.  There is a three-mile loop that will take you through some of San Francisco’s best natural landscapes.  Don’t miss exploring the ruins of the Sutro Baths, which were once the largest indoor swimming establishment in the world!

What if you want to get out with your dog and don’t feel like hiking but are up for something more than patio beers?  Be sure to check out the Blue and Gold Fleet for something in-between.  Dogs are welcome on these ferries, which travel to cool destinations like Sausalito and Tiburon and Angel Island.

These are just a few of the many spots in San Francisco to spend time with your pet outdoors!  Do you know of any other great spots?  Let us know them in the comments below!

dog-friendly hikes in San Francisco

Photo by Jordan Holmbeck on Unsplash

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Where do you enjoy taking your dog in San Francisco?

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