What To Do If Your Dog Bites Somebody

March 10, 2021 | We Learn | Tips from Administrator

After a short stint at the White House, President Biden’s dog Major and his brother Champ are back in Deleware.  Although the specific circumstances are not known, Major was surprised by a member of the President’s security staff and reacted.  It’s been reported that the person suffered a minor injury.  The Bidens have worked hard to acclimate their dogs to their new environment but it is unknown if they will return to the White House.

After the unthinkable happens, would you know what to do if your dog bites someone?


First, remain calm and quickly remove your dog from the victim.

Then, do what you can to help the person your dog bit.  You might not be able to get too close because of your dog.  Ask the victim if you can call a family member or friend and then quickly seek medical attention for the bite.  Remember, all it takes is a little nick to an artery for a person to bleed intensely.  Do not underestimate the severity of the wound.


The victim will likely be stressed and upset.  Be courteous and avoid getting defensive.  Exchange contact information with the victim. Provide your insurance information and obtain the contact information of any witnesses to the event.  The victim may want to contact the police.  Or, you can proactively inform local authorities and comply with their protocols.

“Sometimes dogs bite.  If the unthinkable happens, what should you do next?”


Dog bite laws vary depending on where you live.  The dog bite victim may choose to press charges or file a civil suit against you.  You should retain an attorney and contact your veterinarian to obtain your dog’s medical records so you can provide them if needed.

It may be a good idea to offer to pay the victim’s medical expenses when the incident occurs.  Offering to pay in advance may show that you are accepting responsibility for your dog.


Dog bites can be prevented, especially if you know why your dog might bite.  Educate yourself on what causes dogs to bite, and make sure your dog is well trained.  Know your dog’s temperament and avoid triggers that could lead to dangerous interactions!

what to do if your dog bites someone

Image by freegr from Pixabay 

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Do you know what to do if your dog shows aggression?

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