How To Make The Most Of A Dog Friendly Hotel

After a long day on the road it’s great to pull into a hotel or motel that you know is dog-friendly. If you’ve never stayed at a dog-friendly hotel with your dog before, here are a few things you’ll want to know:

Register at the front desk. Staying at a dog-friendly hotel means you and your pups can walk in through the front lobby. There isn’t a special dog entrance. If you’re worried about restricted access to any portion of the hotel, simply ask the front desk during check-in if there are any areas your dog is not permitted to go.

Ask for a 1st floor room. Save yourself the extra elevator trips carrying in your pup’s stuff up. Plus, it’s easier to take them out for a walk. Some dogs stress in elevators, so if your dog isn’t used to taking elevators and has to use the bathroom, accidents are more likely to happen before they make it outside.

Keep dog’s ID tags on. In case your dog bolts or the cleaning service unintentionally lets your pup escape, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing they have their identification tags on.

Inspect the room. Make sure there isn’t anything bad for your dog lurking in the room, like miniature cars under the nightstand that they might want to gobble up or pills on the bathroom floor from the previous occupant.

Use the do not disturb sign. The cleaning service may not be allowed to work in your room while your dog is in there. Also, if you’re out on the town and housekeeping stops by to give your room a turn down service they might get an unexpected surprise. Remember, not everyone likes dogs.

“Remember, not everyone likes dogs.”

Find the designated dog-relief areas. It’s best to ask where, if any, dog-relief areas are near the hotel when you check in. Make sure to clean up after your dog like you would at home. If you suddenly run out of waste bags, similar to forgetting your toothpaste or a comb, some hotels will provide you with complimentary poop bags.

Happy travels!


Hilary Fosdal believes that life is better with a dog. Her dogs approve this message.

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