Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

December 13, 2016 | We Learn | Tips from Leigh Green
Whether for the upcoming holidays, special occasions or just to show some extra love, here are some choice gift ideas for the dog lover in your life. Though canine-themed, these presents are strictly for the humans.

Customized Versions of Dogs. One fantastic gift for any dog lover is a recreation of their own beloved pet. So many artists have incredible skill at rendering portraits, sculptures, and sewn versions of animals based simply off of photographs.

One such artist who stands out from the sea of pet portrait artists is Ana Mikulic, whose lighthearted and quirky illustrations are truly heartwarming. A gift certificate to her Etsy Shop is a fabulous gift for anyone, and dog owners in particular.

Mandy Stadtmiller’s Tiny Pets workshop generates absolutely adorable and perfectly quirky custom mixed media sculptures. She starts with a simple handmade wire frame and builds from there, with yarn, thread, beads and acrylics. The Tiny Pets are brilliant one-of-a-kind gifts sure to delight any dog owner.

Sarah Carmody’s Etsy Shop, Cool Dirt Spot, is a great source for amazing custom pet sculptures. Carmody digitally sculpts, 3D-prints, and hand-paints the dogs in her Brooklyn, NY apartment. The results are incredible.

Kitchen. Mugs, dishes and other such kitchenware make fun mediums for dog appreciation. Anthropologie’s Dog-A-Day oblong Dachsund platter is the perfect serving dish for… well you can decide. CreativeStoneCera sells adorable, whimsically illustrated coffee mugs and Fred and Friends offers super cute Winer Dog wine glass markers at a super sweet price.

“Mugs, dishes and other such kitchenware make fun mediums for dog appreciation.”

Apparel. Adorn the dog lover in your life with dog themed clothing so they can boast of their devotion throughout the day. Perhap matching canine and human Soulmate t shirts would bring a smile to his/her face. Urban Outfitters offers a funky tee splattered in dog breeds, and Nordstom sells a designer Stella McCartney dog patterned silk blouse.

For a labrador lover, these slipper scuffs will keep them cozy year round. For Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, what better than the gift of an unintentioally ugly sweater with a dog wearing an ugly sweater, or one with a downcast dog sporting antlers and a red nose?

On the hipper side are TheAvenueL’s Dog Mom Tee and WolfAndWild’s My Dog Made Me Do It sweatshirt.

Decor & More. The home is where the heart is, and what better gift for a dog lover than canine-inspired ornamentation. For the funky intellectual, Design Life Kid’s Balloon Dog Bookend is an on-trend and functional nod to man’s best friend.

Brian Rubenacker’s art features heavily Boston Terriers, Pugs, Frenchies and Dachsunds, and makes an unusual and awesome gift. His art is both surreal and hyper realistic, and he perfectly captures the precocious nature of these sassy, sweet breeds.

And for the simplest of all statements, gift a dog lover with the only sign they’ll ever really need. Treat the dog lover in your life to a gift that acknowledges and applauds their undying devotion to their best furry friends.

Fred&Friends, Meika via Mandy Stadtmiller, BTArt, Sarah Carmody's Bull Terrier Sculpture, The AvenueL Dog Mom Tee, Ana Mikulic's Geoff

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