Three Tips To Find The Perfect Dog Breed

December 7, 2016 | We Learn | Tips from Richard Salgado
If you are in the market for buying a dog – congratulations! Being the owner of a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the entire world. If you have not heard this yet – prepare to hear it a lot! What you are going to be embarking upon a journey with a furry friend of adventures, travel and unconditional love! Now, before we can get to that point, there is one vital piece of information that is needed: picking out the perfect dog breed! Don’t worry though, we got you covered. Here are Three Tips To Find the Perfect Dog Breed!

Size Matters. One of the best tips anyone will ever give you when it comes to picking the perfect dog breed is to establish what size of dog you can handle. There are many factors to take into consideration! For an example, what kind of house do you live in, do you live in an apartment (certain apartments have a maximum weight capacity for animals and sometimes do not allow them either), how much energy can you handle, how much physical weight can you handle? These are the types of questions you must take into consideration. To give you a bit of advice, smaller dogs will be essentially lighter to walk but also might have an energizer bunny-type of attitude. On the other hand, bigger dogs will be a little harder to walk – if untrained, require exercise and attention yet be a bit lazier than smaller dogs.

Quality Time Spent. Now, if you are in the market for picking out the perfect dog breed, you need to know how much quality time you are going to be able to dedicate to your precious pup. If you won’t be able to allocate enough time for training purposes at the early stages or bonding time, you might want to reconsider if you have the time for a companion. Now, if you realize you do- that’s great! If in the interim of a day, you have work or an obligation that requires the dog to be home alone – this is important to note. Certain dog breeds are way more adaptable to that kind-of life style. For an example, a perfect breed – given enough space, for such a situation would be a terrier or a Siberian husky. Don’t let the quality time deter you from your ultimate choice, but just be smart! Do your research and you will discover what breed of dog is adaptable to your schedule.

“Do your research and you will discover what breed of dog is adaptable to your schedule.”

Temperament and Trainability. The last tip to guide you to the perfect dog breed is to understand different breed’s temperament and ability to be trained. This is essential to the overall success and bonding between the pup and you! Certain dog breeds are extremely comfortable simply cuddling and being lazy all day – while others, only envision chasing after the leaf across the street with you. That’s right, some dogs only want to take you for the run across piles of leaves! You need to discover what type of temperament you are seeking, and what you can provide. At the same time, you need to figure out if it’s important that your dog has the capacity to learn tricks or become trained quickly or not. Many dogs are smart and will learn commands upon a several trials whereas others can take weeks or months to master simply one command. It depends upon you – you must decide what’s important to you. Through deciding the temperament and trainability, you will narrow your options down quite rapidly.

David Schap via Unsplash

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