English Bulldogs And Breeding Problems

January 20, 2017 | We Care | Story by Makenna Lenover
English Bulldogs are some of the most popular dogs in the world right now. Many people desire them for their adorable scrunchy faces and fat bodies. Selective breeding by humans has lent the breed towards these “smushed” faces, compact bodies, and oversized heads. Unfortunately, that cute look can actually cause a lot of health problems.

Allergies. Bulldogs are allergic to a lot of things and often require allergy medicine like zyrtec. They have itchy skin and the folds trap dirt and bacteria that causes pyoderma, a bacterial skin infection. The wrinkles need to be cleaned daily and bulldogs need regular grooming.

Short Face and Breathing. The short face causes many breathing difficulties for Bulldogs. They grunt, snort, slobber, and make all kinds of noises. Some cannot even walk without gasping for breath, most cannot run. When it is hot or humid, breathing is especially difficult and can lead to overexertion and overheating. While they don’t do well in hot weather, they also do not enjoy the cold weather. because of common occurrences of Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. Keeping a healthy weight is another way to keep airways more clear.

“Keeping a healthy weight is another way to keep airways more clear.”

Joint Deformities. Bulldogs have a problem known as Chondrodysplasia, in which their joints are not formed properly. Bulldogs are predisposed to bone and joint problems especially in the hip, elbow, and knee.

Heart Disease and other Diseases. Other diseases include heart disease (Pulmonic Stenosis and others) as well as Hypothyroidism.

Irregular Body Proportions. Body proportions for Bulldogs, being heavy with short legs and a compact body type, cause limited capacity for activities. Stair climbing is hard, swimming is tough, and Bulldog puppies must be birthed through C-Section.

Eye Issues. Due to allergies, Bulldogs can have sensitive eyes. One common problem is cherry eyes, where the third eyelid or “nictitating membrane” is present in the eye that makes eyes red and can cause conjunctivitis and worse conditions.


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Do you have an English Bulldog? Have you experienced any of these issues? Or any others? Please share your comment below!

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