Dog Toys: Dos, Don’ts, And Interactive Play

All dogs are social animals so toys should be seen as priority rather than luxury. They come in all shapes and it is advisable to go for the interactive ones as a first time purchase. These in particular were created to serve the purpose of providing a unique challenge for the pet so as to retain attention.

Features may include unusual sounds, like crinkled plastic in the tail of the stuffed toy, or unusual movements like bouncing, which are sure to excite or ignite curiosity. They may even have concealed doggy treats that are revealed when a puzzle is solved. These features are designed to keep the attention of the dog for longer periods of time and are useful especially when the owner is too busy.

The other thing to consider when buying a dog toy is safety: The things which are usually the most attractive are sometimes the most dangerous to them. Dog proofing involves removing string, rubber bands, children’s toys and anything that could be considered a swallowing hazard. Toys should be appropriate to the size of the dog. Toys which are too small can be easily swallowed and could become lodged in the dog’s throat.

“Toys which are too small can be easily swallowed and could become lodged in the dog’s throat.”

Sometimes the animal may want to seek and destroy the source of a squeaking sound during interactive play. To the dog, that means swallowing it which is of course a no-no. Supervision, upon introducing the toys to its daily routine, is crucial. Also, check the labels for child safety.

It is advisable to rotate the weekly routine of play by making only a few toys available at a time. If the dog has a favorite one, then you may want to leave it out all the time. For the young and untrained dogs, interactive play also offers the opportunity for socialization by teaching them how to behave.

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