Basic Tricks for Every Dog

During training, dog tricks are very useful and at the same time enjoyable. Dog tricks are more like dog basic obedience commands and should be more fun. There are many forms of dog tricks.

Rollover. This is when you have your dog sit and lie down, keeping the food lure close to the dog’s body then instruct the dog to “Rollover”, move the lure backwards along one side of its muzzle to the top of its neck and over its shoulders. Once your dog has mastered the trick on one way, it’s easier to instruct the dog to “Roll the other way”.

Bang. This trick is done by having your dog stay on its side or back and play possum. Say “bang” point your finger like a short gun, move the food lure as the above variation, or back say “stay” and keep the treat stationary.

Ask Nicely.  Have your dog sit-stay and say “ruff” (or a bark equivalent) and raise the food lure a head’s length above the puppy’s nose so that it lifts its front paw of the ground. Lower the lure and move it backwards. Repeat from different directions.

“Repeat from different directions.”

Hug. Start with your dog in a sit-stay. Say “Give us a hug,” energize the dog by waggling the food lure in front of its nose, and then, slap your chest. It is wise to alternate “Give us a hug” with both sit-stays and down-stays. The dog with this trick learns the difference between enthusiastic and controlled greetings.

Go to people. This works best when two people are training the dog at the same time, it is possible to do yo-yo recalls back and forth. A disadvantage of this trick is when working with just two people, the dog may anticipate recalls at inappropriate times and run back and forth between the two people without any instruction being given.


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