5 Ways Your Dog Is Showing He Loves You

October 2, 2020 | We Learn | Tips from Heather Burdo

Dogs are just as much part of your family as your other family members.  There’s no denying they show you love, you may just not realize it until the signs are pointed out to you!  Do any of the below signs sound just like your pup?  It means they are trying to show you they love you.

Making Eye Contact
In a dog’s world, making eye contact can be seen as an aggressive act. Gentle and polite dogs want to get along with other dogs and they will avoid long stares that may intimidate other dogs. They usually don’t stare at humans that way either; however, they do accept the looks from us and will try to get some eye contact out of their owners.  When a dog is happy and feels comfortable around its owner, it will give their owner the “special glaze.”

Empathetic Traits
Have you ever been sick or crying and your dog is right there by your side? Dogs are social animals and they have a natural instinct to take care of their pack, including you. There have been studies that prove dogs have some similar behaviors that resemble those of human toddlers.


“When a dog is happy and feels comfortable around its owner, it will give their owner the ‘special glaze’.

Does your dog enjoy sleeping in your bed with you?  Dogs in the wild will sleep as a pack, which resembles loyalty.  As you can imagine, it’s only natural for your dog to sleep with you as you are his or her family.

They Follow You Around
Have you ever heard of that saying, “following me around like a little puppy dog?”  Your dog doesn’t know when you want alone time – he or she sees you walk somewhere in the house and they follow.  Although at times it may seem overwhelming, try to appreciate how they just want to be by your side.

Jumping All Over You
While this is dreaded behavior in your eyes, it’s a huge sign that they love you. These behaviors are healthy and a sign of your dog’s love. When they greet you like that, it’s their way of recognizing you as an important part of their life.  Of course, training is necessary when you feel certain types of jumping are just too much.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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How does your dog show you his love?

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