Traveling with your Dog: Making it Fun for your Furry Friend

September 21, 2020 | We Learn | Tips from Leigh Green

Thinking of traveling but can’t bear to leave your furry friend behind?  You don’t have to!  With these simple tips, you can ensure that your dog is along for the ride.

Go Residential
For staying overnight with your pooch, try private residential lodging options in online peer to peer markets such as the uniquely pet-friendly VRBO, or the popular and convenient AirBnB with its “Pets Allowed” search filter.  By avoiding hotels, you can not only save money and customize your location, but provide your canine companion with a far more comfortable experience.

Owners of pet-friendly residences often have the basics built in, such as fencing and food bowls.  Additionally, most owners are more than willing to guide you to area parks or pet-friendly joints.

Location, Location, Location
When traveling with your dog, research for places near dog friendly parks, runs and beaches.  Staying near them will allow you both to have a healthy and happy vacation experience. 

Check out a map of dog beaches all over the country, and look into the rules of the major parks in your chosen destination.  Having these dog-friendly environments nearby allows you to spend the day with your furry friend, rather than locking them up while you go explore.

Dine with your Canine
A little preemptive Yelp search for dog-friendly restaurants ahead of your trip allows you to plan on wining and dining with your doggy in tow.  Consider traveling with your dog during the warmer, dryer months for abundant outdoor dining options. Think about saving the fine dining experience for another time, although some fancy establishments will allow Fido to lay next to you in their al fresco settings.

“When traveling with your dog, research for places near dog friendly parks, runs and beaches.  Staying near them will allow you both to have a healthy and happy vacation experience.”

Choosing a place to stay and things to do are half the battle, but transportation to and around your vacation destination is another story. When bringing your dog along, it’s probably best to rule out air travel. Though doable, it’s costly and can be quite stressful for your pet, who will likely be relegated to cargo or, at best, stuck in a crate below your seat.

Amtrak now allows small dogs to travel on trains, making long distance travel an option. For $26, your pooch can ride along.  However, this only applies to dogs under 20 pounds and requires they be in a carrier during the trip. 

The simplest form of transport for your furry friend is the car, assuming they don’t mind going for a spin. Special harnesses that attach to the seat belt provide an added level of safety for your pet. 

Once officially on vacation, traveling around can become tricky. Subways and buses often have strict rules, requiring muzzles and that dogs sit on owners’ laps. They also might not allow dogs at all, particularly during peak hours.  You may also find that Cab drivers have an aversion to your furry friend and will pass you by, though many are happy to tote you both around. You might also have success searching for a dog-friendly Uber or Lyft drivers, securing the plan by calling them directly. 

Ultimately, a well-chosen vacation spot should not require too much added travel for your dog, as options are limited and can add a degree of stress for everyone.  A carefully and considerately planned vacation can allow you to bring your best friend along onyour next getaway!

Photo by Emerson Peters on Unsplash

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