Top 5 Great Apps For First-Time Dog Owners

January 27, 2021 | We Learn | Tips from Aurora James

You just brought home your first dog—congratulations! You’ve already prepared your home with the basics like a dog bed, nutritious food, and a great harness for your pup.  But being a responsible pet parent is more than buying the right things; a lot of work goes into making sure your dog is well taken care of.  Barkswell has found some great apps for first-time dog owners which will keep you informed on everything you need for Fido.

A Capable Device for Your Apps
If you’re a first-time dog owner, the best thing you can do for your dog is to become familiar with every aspect of their care. While the below suggested apps can be a big help for this, you’ll also need to make sure you have an up-to-date device for easy access to any pet-related app you need. If your current device doesn’t have fast internet, a long battery life, or enhanced features, then you’re ready for an upgrade. These days, many phones and tablets are designed to handle a high-speed 5G connection, so you can download and use your new dog parenting apps without delays.

  • PetCoach by Petco
    PetCo’s app PetCoach offers helpful advice and answers to questions related to your pet’s health. You can either seek out help from the app’s forum or arrange an online consultation with a veterinarian. Simply select the topic that best fits your pet’s health problem, and you’ll get responses tailored to that topic. 

  • iKibble
    The iKibble app is a great reference tool for dog owners who are wondering what types of foods you can feed your dog and which foods you should avoid. If you decide to cook your dog’s meals, this app can especially help with that.

  • Puppr
    The Puppr dog training app gives you all the information you need to train your dog. It has basic lessons on everything from shaking hands to giving pup kisses, and it breaks the training down into easy steps. The app also features a help chat tool and a built-in clicker to use as positive reinforcement for your dog. 

If you’re a first-time dog owner, the best thing you can do for your dog is to become familiar with every aspect of their care.”

  • Animal Poison Control Center App (APCC) by ASPCA
    ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) app is a comprehensive tool that can potentially save your dog’s life. It identifies hundreds of potentially toxic substances that could harm your dog, from chocolate to poisonous plants. You’ll get expert advice from the APCC staff about how critical the problem is and be given clear steps on what to do next. The app also lets you speed-dial the APCC if you need further help. 

  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance App
    Lastly, the health of your dog depends upon your ability to get medical care for them. Seeing a doctor and getting treatment can add up, so getting the right pet insurance is a huge help. With the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance app, you can submit a claim, check your policy and claim status, and make changes to your billing information. To get started with the process of purchasing this insurance, go on their website to get a quote.

Owning a dog comes with a lot of great benefits, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the latter, take the time to brush up on all the areas of dog ownership. A few good apps (like the ones above), as well as the many helpful articles found on the Barkswell blog, can make taking care of your first dog easier and less stressful.

A loved dog is well cared for by his owner using new and useful apps

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