The Beginning of Something Special

August 11, 2015 | We Care
I started Barkswell because I want to help build a safe community for dogs and their owners, both online (as a resource for learning and sharing) and in the real world (for people to actually connect).

I know nothing about blogging but I know a lot about dogs, my dogs, and I like to think I know about people…the good, the not so good, and everything in between. The thing I notice about dog owners, the majority of them, is that there is a decency to them. Good* dog owners have a compassion, a deep awareness and connectivity, that crosses socioeconomic or ethnic backgrounds-it is an equalizer (like music or love or the need to breathe).


“The thing I notice about dog owners, the majority of them, is that there is a decency to them.”

So, with Barkswell, in its early stages, we have the beginning of something very special. I can feel it when I sit here to type these posts. I can feel it when I engage with owners at local dog spots. I can feel it when we do our Meetups, those slow growing but joyful group walks that have us adventuring together, hound and human…this is the beginning and I am marking it here as a memory so I can look back a year from now to see how far we’ve come.

Thanks for starting this journey with me, for reading and sharing. I am hoping someone comments someday on something they find important, something that strikes a chord, because then the REAL special stuff starts…a dialogue, and heaven forbid, a reader/author relationship! Gives me tingles just thinking about it.

*Good, globally and quite generally, means non-violent, non neglectful…but this will come up again, I can almost guarantee you.


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