R&R and Rawr

June 29, 2015 | We Love
I love weekends. I get to pretend that I will get to sleep late, or at the very least compensate with a nap.

I get to eat brunch. I get to take the boys on extended outdoor excursions…weekends are glorious. And I have to say, with Pride this weekend, and all the celebrations, San Francisco was at its very best: Full of love and compassion and freedom and joy. There may have been a fair share of drunken debauchery too, but for all I knew, and all my pups knew, there was love in the air! And to do our part in celebrating a momentous occasion, our little family took to Candlestick, ringing in one famous event with our very own. For all the time I have lived in SF, I have never taken my dogs to Candlestick Point. (Side note: totally crazy seeing Candlestick Stadium torn to pieces!).


“There were also squirrels EV.ERY.WHERE.”

What a beautiful spot- it is an on-leash space but there was a small contingent of dog walkers, a larger contingent of people having birthday parties, and what seemed like a full on Crow Nation. There were crows everywhere. And they were as large as my dogs. There were also squirrels EV.ERY.WHERE. Almost as large as the crows, the squirrels raced from one side of the path to the other, a stone’s throw from Barnaby who was vacillating between his own personal Heaven and his own personal Hell. Barnaby has a high prey drive, for his ball and neighborhood cats and smelly treats (he has never caught anything other than a cat scratch to the eye, a perfect snatch of a duck rawhide, or a triple bounce chuck-it ball so I think we’re safe on the Barnaby-as-Hunter front).

As Barn was pulling this way and that, and as Wes was pulling on the leash for his very own psychotic reasons, my heart skipped a beat. I was holding the hand of the man I love, while walking in a gorgeous new park, knowing my dogs were happy and healthy. We live in an amazing city. We were celebrating life in our own way, while others were celebrating in theirs. We got our weekend R&R, Barnaby got a little rawr in here and there (the squirrels didn’t mind, I promise), and our city was thrumming with its own collective RAWR. Can you feel the love? I can.


*Courtsey of Yelp and Google Search-I had to to do the squirrels justice.

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