Reasons To Reward Your Dog

August 25, 2017 | We Care | Tips from Heather Burdo
Positive reinforcement isn’t just for kids, it’s ideal for dogs as well. Figure out the best reward your dog would respond to best, whether it’s a treat, playtime, a new Frisbee, or even verbal praise. Dogs love knowing their humans are approving of them and their behavior. Most dogs strive to be loyal to their owners so when praise and rewards are involved, dogs know their mission was accomplished.

So, why else should you be rewarding your dog?

Mentoring. Dogs need their owners to teach them right and wrong. Essentially, owners are a dog’s guide. Offering a treat as a reward is effective when mentoring or guiding your dog.

Training. When you decide to train your dog, you may want to implement some rewards. Many commands with dog training can’t be taught in just one day. Patience is needed and you must break the training into baby steps for your dog. An idea is to reward your dog either each time they get a command right or at the end of a successful training session.

Do You Have a Watch Dog? Most dogs naturally protect their human family. If your dog is the type to bark when he or she hears or “thinks” they hear someone outside, make sure to provide verbal praise.

“…make sure to provide verbal praise.”

Yes, You Can Even Bribe. It’s not always good to bribe anyone but we can certainly bribe our dogs (and for good reasons.) If you have a dog who can’t even fathom the idea of getting in the bath, provide a treat once they are finished with the bath. Most dogs can’t stand going to the vet. It’s like when you get the leash hooked to their collar and walk them to the car, they know where they’re going and try to walk in the other direction.

Let Your Dog Know You’re In Charge. When you are the main source of the treats and you dispense the treats on your own terms, it lets your dog know you’re in charge. When you dog looks to you with such admiration and needing approval or praise, you know they think the world of you.

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