Puppy Breath

September 8, 2015 | We Love
We are now into week three of fostering and it has it fallen into a beautiful ebb and flow of playing, eating, going number one and number two, and sleeping…sleeping everywhere.

The first fosters have been successfully adopted and these two, these absolute cuties…they’ve stolen the heart of my fiance. I can see it in the way he changes their pee pads and in the way he lays down with them in the gated play area to help them settle into sleep at bed time. I can see it in the way his first instinct is to take them out in the backyard to go tinkle in the morning, even before he himself does. THIS is what happens when you fall in love with something that needs you! You forget that you need to take care of yourself too because all you see is this little life that couldn’t eat or drink or be clean or healthy without you. What an amazing life changing experience. I felt it with Wes. I felt it with Barn. I know we’ll feel it with human children someday, but for now, these pups, the whole brood of them, are our babies-through thick and thin, through good and bad, through clean, and very much not-so-clean moments. There is something very pure about puppies, even down to their sweet puppy breath. Have you ever smelled puppy breath? It stinks its own sweet smelling stink that brings comfort and joy even as it crinkles the nose. It isn’t offensive as much as it is distinguishable and true, something irrevocably attached to youth and love and joy and goodness. If only there was an ode to puppy breathe…

“Have you ever smelled puppy breath?”

And as for the playing piece, the puppies have grown so much in just the last week alone that they can climb the stairs. Then climbing turned to bounding. Bounding to running. They are quick stinkers. So they run, as here:

And then they crash, as here:

Not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome, even if right before this picture the light one bit my cheek hard enough to make me bleed. But then, for a second, I got a whiff of her puppy breath, through the blood and tears, and everything, all of it, was alright.

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  • Tarquin / September 8, 2015

    The painful puppy bites and nips followed by the loving puppy snuggles and licks makes it all so incredibly worthwhile!

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