Protect Your Dog’s Oral Health

The oral health of our dogs is all too often an overlooked part of his routine care.  Did you know that almost 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease?  Dental disease is a term used to describe a wide range of issues from plaque build-up, damaged teeth, or gingivitis…  Here are some good ways to take care of your canine’s canines!


Brushing your dog’s teeth should be a daily to-do.  Because bacteria can regrow on teeth within 24 to 36 hours, brushing daily is the first step.  Choose a toothbrush that is appropriately sized for your breed, and use a toothpaste developed for animals.  Human toothpaste is designed to be spit out, and when swallowed, may be harmful to your pet.  Brush thoroughly, making sure to get the gums, soft tissues of the cheeks and the roof of the mouth, and all sides of all teeth.  You will likely have to ease your dog into the experience. . . daily repetition, followed by a treat will help your dog get used to this important bit of maintenance.  You can also use this brush time to examine your dog’s mouth!  Look for loose or broken teeth, especially bad breath, or signs of plaque or gum disease.


Choosing a new diet may help improve your dog’s overall health – and especially his dental health!  Foods on the market can help reduce plaque and can help promote a healthier mouth.  Because each dog is different and has a different set of needs, ask your vet which brands they recommend, and what would best benefit your dog.

“Did you know that almost 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease?


Chew treats that are designed to help clean the teeth provide an outlet for your dog to relieve stress and perform appropriate chewing (which is way better than chewing on your shoes!) all while cleaning their teeth!   These tasty treats should meet the correct standard for your dog, so look for the seal of the Veterinary Oral Heath Council (VOHC).


Just as humans do, dogs need regular vet check-ups and cleanings.  Your vet can deep clean your dog’s teeth and examine the mouth.  Regular check-ups keep the teeth clean and provide preventative care, which can save you and your dog a lot of hassle!

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is a must and should be as routine as brushing your own teeth and visiting your dentist.  Oral health is often overlooked, but is a major step in protecting and promoting the overall health of your dog!  So get brushing and give your dog a million-dollar smile!


protect your dog's health by taking care of his teeth

Photo by Josephine Amalie Paysen on Unsplash

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How do you take care of your dog’s teeth?  Comment below and give us your tips!

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