Paper Towels And Your Dog

April 12, 2017 | We Care | Story by Olga and Laurel
There are so many things that can harm our pups. Who would have thought that a paper towel could be one of the worst things for our canine companions? Sonoma’s family never imagined it was possible until their pup Sonoma fell ill.

“In the past five days, Sonoma has been in two different emergency care facilities searching for the cause of her illness. The hospital initially thought it was immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, or IMHA. They did extensive testing but couldn’t figure out why she kept dropping her red blood count. The veterinarian finally discovered that she has an ulcer that caused a stomach bleed at the second emergency care facility.

During her stay at the vet hospital we paid $5,000. Four days included X-Rays, ultrasounds, IV fluids, diagnostic testing, and blood transfusions.”

“Four days included X-Rays, ultrasounds, IV fluids, diagnostic testing, and blood transfusions.”

“We transferred her to  a second veterinary hospital and paid $6,300 for an ultrasound, IV fluids, medication, surgery, and 2 blood transfusions. This amount will go up with the additional care she has received such as the scope and additional blood transfusions.

We don’t normally like to ask for help. Unfortunately, money is a factor and we can’t continue putting her medical bills on our credit cards.  We have maxed out 2 cards, and we have cancelled our trip in October for the refund to be able to add to Sonoma’s fund.

Sonoma is our furbaby, and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for her. We appreciate and are grateful for any support.”

To help Sonoma and her family please visit their GoFundMe here.


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