Organic Treats, Calming Toys Dominate 2018

June 29, 2018 | We Learn | Tips from Sam Holder
Dog stress is real! Just like humans, our little lads and lasses need comfort and serenity, too, particularly in these uncertain times. In 2018, a few standout products emerged as dog favorites, according to several industry experts.

At the Global Pet Expo, a number of new treats and toys debuted to merchandisers and retailers alike. Some of the best-selling and critically reviewed trends included the continuing success of the all-organic dog treats as well as the new strength of the calming dog toy product lines. Some other continuing categories include the treat-dispensing tools, which have great traction in the market, but do not come as highly reviewed as other treats and toys in 2018.

One compelling toy included the Cardinal Pet Care’s Remedy+Recovery Lavender Mist and E-Collar Kit. This smart collar is easily manipulated and transforms seamlessly into a calming collar, dispensing aroma-therapeutic lavender mist. This collar works well with any e-collar brand, comes with a 4-ounce bottle of calming mist, and comes with four additional replacement disks for long usage, and plenty of calm, happy dog days.

In addition, Cardinal rolled out its Train-Me! Treats, which are composed of all-organic beef and chicken, and are animal-welfare certified by Oregon Tilth. These treats come in both three- and 1.7-calorie sizes, making them ideal for dogs of most sizes.

Pet food and dog toy distributors expect some product lines to remain popular and demonstrate strong sales throughout 2018, particularly as the all-organic, all-natural trend – both in dogs AND humans! – continues to gain prominence culturally.

Photo by moniekvanrijbroek on CC BY-NC

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