Keeping Pets Cool During Summer

Once the weather starts to get better, summer can be a favorite time of year for pets. It might depend on where you live too (the Pacific Northwest experiences a wide variety of climates for instance) but we can all get wonderful summers filled with hot days.

Pets will want to be outside, but there are risks for keeping your animals outside during these hot days. There are ways that pet owners can keep critters cool:

  • One way to keep dogs and cats cool is by keeping them indoors during the excessive heat. For dogs and cats that are not normally kept inside, perhaps using a laundry room or closing off a living area for your animals to cool off will make a huge difference.
  • If you have to keep your animals outside, there are a few ways to make it better for them. Running a sprinkler is a great way for your dog to cool off. Certain breeds of dogs will LOVE this. Also, a kiddie pool is another great way for Fido to sit and soak in water. If you can get a kiddie pool in the shade, be prepared to see your dog very comfortable and relaxed in the pool.

“Heat can be hard on animals with thick hair (in particular!)”

  • Finding shade – animals will sit in the shade if they have it. A large tree or a dog house is a great place for a nap. Super handy pet owners can create air conditioned dog houses! This is a perfect DIY project. It won’t be super cold inside unless it’s insulated, but it’s going to be much cooler than the alternative.
  • Frozen water bottles or bottles in general can be used as well. Instead of tossing bottles, these can be made into ice packs for animals. Traveling with these can be great. One pet owner was traveling through Northern California where it was 115 degrees in Corning, CA. Her auto broke down on the side of the road and it was a nightmare. She had frozen water bottles, placed in the shade, for her dogs to lay on.  Maybe not the most comfy – but it worked!

Photo credit: Denis Bourez via Remodel Blog / CC BY

The main thing to remember during these hot days is to keep your pets as comfortable as possible. Heat can be hard on animals with thick hair (in particular!). Something as simple as a run through a sprinkler with some cold water can really make a difference for your animals.

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