How The Army Crawl Can Keep Your Puppy Safe

January 9, 2017 | We Learn | Tips from Barbara Rivers
Having two puppies move in with us back in 2011 was quite the experience. After all, I had never owned dogs before, let alone raised any. My perfectionist nature demanded as much prep work as possible before the arrival of our two fur babies Missy & Buzz, so one day, while browsing various dog books and magazines, I came across an invaluable tip I never would have come up with on my own. The Army Crawl.

It is exactly what it sounds like. I got down on my belly and crawled through the entirety of our 1,500 sf 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. Mission: Puppy proofing our home from the bottom up by finding and removing anything loose, small, easily ingestible/chewable, expensive, and/or of sentimental value.

One reoccurring item I immediately noticed on my crawling trip were cables. TV, DVD, Wii, Computer and lamp cables. Holy puppy! The perfect teething “toys”. I had no idea we had that many cables. Next up were shoes, followed closely by hair bands, a pair of earrings, some books, a DVD, and even a nail! I have no idea where that came from. I secretly blamed it on our apartment complex’s maintenance crew.

“I have no idea where that came from. I secretly blamed it on our apartment complex’s maintenance crew.”

I picked up all loose items and made the cables as short and uninteresting as possible using cable ties. I also moved a vase with fresh cut flowers from our low coffee table higher up to the breakfast bar.

I probably spent about two hours crawling and moving various items around, and believe me when I say that it was totally worth it. Missy & Buzz only chewed on the corner of a DVD once, and that was it as far as chewing mischief was concerned in their puppyhood (they are now 5 years old).

I always made sure that they had appropriate chews available to ease their teething pain (hello, bully sticks!), which was another valuable tip I had come across in a book. The combination of picking up around the apartment and providing adequate chews really paid off big time.

So here’s my tip for all new puppy pawrents: Get down on your belly (or at least on all fours) and take a look around from your puppy’s perspective-before they move in with you. You could make this a fun family game if you have kids and get everyone involved. You might be surprised at what you’ll discover!



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