Hotel Etiquette With A Pup

December 28, 2016 | We Learn | Tips from Diane Driscoll
Dog owners love to travel with their dogs, but few hotels welcome them. Are you doing everything you can to make sure that you and your dog are good hotel guests, so that hotels that accept dogs will continue to do so? Set an example of responsible pet ownership when you stay in a hotel with your dog. Help keep the welcome mat out for pets.

Poop Bags. Always carry poop bags, and pick up after your dog every time, everywhere. No one wants to see or smell dog poop, even if they don’t step in it. Tie the bag shut and put it in the garbage can or hotel dumpster. Practice “no trace” traveling. No one should be able to tell that your dog was at the hotel after you leave.

Offer bags to other pet owners. Do not confront people who are about to walk away from their dog’s poop. Smile, hold out a bag, and ask, “Did you forget your bags? I do that all the time!” Some people will take the hint.

Pick up after other people’s dogs. Seriously. Do you want the hotel staff to think that your dog made the mess? Do you want to come back to this hotel with your dog? It’s unfair, but don’t let an irresponsible pet owner make you look bad.

Covers. Bring blankets and cover the furniture in your room to protect the bedding and upholstery, especially if your dog sleeps on the bed. Bring a towel in case you need to dry off a wet dog or wipe muddy feet.

If you use a crate in the hotel, bring a towel to put under it to protect the floor. Hotel towels should not be used for dog-related activities. They probably will come clean in the wash, but don’t make extra work for housekeeping because of your dog. Why risk the staff complaining to management about it? Back to the “no trace” traveling policy again.

“Why risk the staff complaining to management about it? Back to the “no trace” traveling policy again.”

Clean Up Kit. Keep a clean-up kit in your car, including stain remover, pet odor eliminator, and paper towels. Don’t wash or groom your dog in your room. Leash your dog before you step out of your room.

Going Solo. Don’t leave your dog alone in your room. If you go out, take the dog. You may have to choose your activity based on where you can watch the car and check on it frequently. But people who leave their dogs in hotel rooms, barking in misery for hours, cause other guests to storm down to the front desk to complain. You can always order food to be delivered to the hotel.

Odds and Ends. Use side doors to walk your dog in and out of the hotel and avoid elevators if possible. Other guests may be allergic, or uncomfortable around dogs. After your stay, review the hotel and thank them for accepting pets. Customer reviews are very important to them.

When you leave the hotel, make sure they’re glad you came. Safe travels!

Courtesy of Diane Driscoll

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  • / December 29, 2016

    If traveling a far distance have a copy of pets medical records on hand in the event of an unexpected veterinarian visit.

  • Jonelle Wolf / December 29, 2016

    When traveling a far distance have pets medical records on hand in the event of a unexpected veterinarian visit.

    • admin / December 29, 2016

      Such a good point. So important to remember.

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