Helping Your Dog Get Over A Fear of Flying

Many dog-owners are opting to travel with their dogs as airlines, hotels, and even restaurants are becoming more pet-friendly. Traveling with your dog can be a wonderful experience that not only strengthens your bond, but also helps you save money on pet care.

But what happens when your dog has a fear of flying?  As a dog parent, you can help your dog overcome, or at the very least, manage their fear by trying a few different techniques.

Arrange Special Accommodations with your Airline. Certain airlines, such as American Airlines, allow you to carry your canine as a carry-on, check them in with your luggage, or fly them separately via the cargo plane. This all depends on your animal’s breed and size. If you have a small dog that is uncomfortable with flying, it is best to check your dog as a carry-on and purchase a comfortable kennel they can fly in.

Thankfully, you do not have to stow the kennel away in the overhead bin. You can rest the dog underneath your seat for added comfort.

If you opt to fly your dog in the cargo plane, make sure the kennel meets the specifications of the airline. It’s also important to talk to the cargo carriers that will be handling your pet. Ask questions regarding pet care. As always, it’s important to find accommodations that best suit your pet’s needs.

“As always, it’s important to find accommodations that best suit your pet’s needs.”

Carry treats to ease tension. In order for your dog to enjoy the flight, they need to be as calm and relaxed as possible. Try not to agitate your pet by acting overly anxious or nervous. Dogs sense your energy, and your anxiety can lead them into having a panic attack. Always remember to remain calm and assertive.

It’s also a good idea to pack some canine treats into your luggage. Feed your dog before and after the flight to ease tension. A good holistic remedy for nervous pets is lavender oil. Let your dog sniff some during the flight to relax.

Eventually, with careful planning and training, your pet will learn to love flying the friendly skies.

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Have you flown with your pup? What did you do to make the trip a fearless one? Share below!

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