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April 5, 2016 | We Care
We’ve been discussing family safety lately, having just gotten a new “family” rig and what consistently comes up is how we keep the pups safe if a car crash occurred.

Well…easier said than done apparently:

DOG HARNESS VIDEO-Viewer beware!

As a dog parent it is terrifying to watch these stuffed dogs take the beating they do, all in the name of scientific understanding. I can guarantee you, however, it changed my views on car safety. I am a big fan of dog cuddles and often have the dogs in my lap while my husband drives. Sometimes all three at once. When I drive, one is usually sitting on my lap while the other two are waiting to trade places. “Tag, you’re in”. Not healthy for them, and not for me, if something were to happen. With as many variables as there are on the road, how can I keep us all safe? We’re trying the harness thing, and not one of the ones listed in the video link above.


“With as many variables as there are on the road, how can I keep us all safe?”

Problem? Hazel, sneaky little bug that she is, slinks out of hers and joins me in the front. My instagram has proof of that. Barnaby takes it like a champ and lays down sweetly. Wes freaks out and stands in the foot well of the back seat. Just stands. This was an eternity of standing as we drove hours to my parents place in the Central Valley. He refused to lay down, feeling as tethered as he did.¬†We are testing this car safety thing, and the patience of both our dogs and ourselves. So. Barn is a win-win. Hazel is a lose-lose. Wes is somewhere in the middle-being tied to the seat is half a win for both of us. They are stinkin’ cute though. (Hazel’s harness is red, like her fiery personality, but as you can see from her lack of wearing it, having style isn’t quite enough-we’re back to square on with her). Anyone have harness suggestions for 13 lb Chi-mix?

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