Happy 1st Birthday Hazel!

July 15, 2016 | We Love
Our sweet pup, Hazelnut, is a year old today. Time flies!

When we first fostered her and her brother, we were thinking a couple weeks of puppy playtime…we had no idea it would turn into a lifetime of love nibbles, cuddles, and joyful adoration (from her to us, and from us to her). I can’t imagine our lives without her and I can hardly remember our lives before her. When the time came, and both she and her sibling were receiving adoption applications, my husband and I had a long conversation (a few actually) about bringing her permanently into the household.

It was not an easy decision-we already had two adult dogs, busy lives, a routine. We were prepping for a remote wedding. Big life changes were coming our way and thinking about throwing a puppy into the mix seemed devastatingly difficult. I had raised dogs from puppydom-it is no joke! There are late nights, potty training accidents, socialization issues-it can upend a habitual lifestyle. Puppies demand love and attention-their whole world revolves around you, as their owner and caregiver.

Before her ears perked up! So tiny, she fit on my husband’s shoulder.

Hazel and her brother, Wrigley. He went to live with a vet tech!

“Now that she has been with us for basically her entire life, I can say that the heart expands to allow for new loves.”

IMG_0616_opt (1)What we could not seem to get over was our deep love for her. She had so ingrained herself into our hearts that the thought of letting her go to another family was unbearable. She was my husband’s new love, and his love for her was what sealed the deal. He knew it, and I needed time to adjust!

Now that she has been with us for basically her entire life, I can say that the heart expands to allow for new loves. I didn’t think I could take on another animal, while still giving love to my own, but the heart’s resiliency, and our ability to expand into new situations, is boundless. We’re lucky creatures that way.

And just look at this face! Look at how far she’s come, what a spicy, spunky pup she’s grown into! Her eyes are no longer too big for her head, her ears stay perked all on their own! Happy Birthday, my little Hazel Kanutsen Kanoodle. Barnaby, Wesley, Cooper, Mom, and Dad love you to the moon and back.

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