GPS Collars For Off-Leash Hiking

September 1, 2017 | We Learn | Tips from Mary L. Liken
Off-leash hikes are a great way for your pup to experience the great outdoors but what happens when he catches the scent of a squirrel or other critter and takes off? Enter the connected pet, the latest market segment to be disrupted, that offers many emerging gadgets meant to help you keep track of your pet and their activities.

Today we are going to focus on the tools that help us to find Fido after he’s chased something into the woods while on a hike. GPS devices often do double duty as a Fitbit type recorder of activity levels so if that is something that interests you, look for a GPS dual-purpose device.

Whistle offers a 90-day return policy on their Whistle 3 which serves as both a GPS locator and an activity level monitor. The Whistle uses both wifi and cellular tech to provide of the moment data and will alert you if your dog leaves home when you are not there. Wifi helps to cut down on battery usage and creates an alert when your pet leaves their “home” area. POD is marketed for both pets and inanimate objects, this device is similar to Whistle in that you can set up zones and fences and it will send you an alert when those boundaries are breached.

“[Whistle] will send you an alert when those boundaries are breached.”

POD functions over GPS, wifi, and cellular systems. The clip on collar device will sync with an app giving you all location and activity information at your fingertips. Personally, we found the device a little bulky although we did love the light feature.

Tractive is a full line accessory brand for pets. The collar and GPS device is unobtrusive and the brand offers cute collars and accessories that we really thought were fun. We like that they offer a product that is GPS only (the GPS locator/activity monitor hybrid is offered separately). For pet owners that do not need other data, the Tractive GPS is a great solution.

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