Make it a Happy Howliday – Give, Foster or Adopt!

December 23, 2020 | We Care | Tips from Administrator

If your plans to travel or visit with family and loved ones this holiday season have been curtailed by COVID, you can still make this winter paw-some!  Why not volunteer your time, donate, or even open your home to help our four-legged-friends in need?  Here are a few ways you can help homeless animals as 2020 comes to a close:

There are many annual pet supply drives held each year between the holidays of Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.  Shelters and animal rescue groups are often in need of dog toys and treats, dry and wet dog food and large towels or blankets for bedding.  Many organizations are also in need of non-animal supplies to help run their organization (like printers or office supplies).  And you can always donate your time or services!  You might clean out kennels, walk dogs, or do general office work to help out.  Offer up your social media marketing or photography skills to help these underfunded operations get the word out about animals in need.  A great way to help in your local area is to go to and find nearby animal shelters.  Reach out to them directly to find out how you can help.  

Many animals will spend this holiday season without the love and warmth of a home of their own.  You can contact your local animal shelter through and become a foster parent to a dog in need!   After being screened, you will be matched with an animal that fits your lifestyle and all your responsibilities will be explained to you.  PetConnectRescue assesses the temperament of each dog they place in a foster situation, and will pay for any medical expenses that might occur during the time your foster is with you.  Providing a temporary home for a dog can not only save the life of that animal, but can provide a rewarding, life-changing experience for you!  Wouldn’t you love knowing you made a huge difference in another being’s life?

“Why not volunteer your time, donate, or even open your home to help our four-legged-friends in need?”

Have you ever heard the term “foster-failure?”  Not a failure at all in fact, but a happy success story!  Foster-failing is a tongue-in-cheek expression to indicate the happy circumstance when a foster parent has chosen to keep the dog they had planned to house for only a short time.  Adopting a dog in need is a wonderful way to hold on to your holiday spirit all year long!  There are many factors to consider before adopting and this comprehensive guide can help you navigate the wonderful path to pet ownership.  If bringing a dog into your home is something you are ready to do, you can also search the ASPCA’s website for adoptable dogs in your area.  

“Unleash” the cheer this winter!  Spread love and joy by sharing your time – and maybe even your home – with a dog in need this holiday season!

Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash

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How will you make your holiday PAW-some?

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