Back-to-School Bond Building with your Dog

September 6, 2023 | We Care | Tips from Sarah Clarkson

Labor Day brings about the end of summer, pumpkin-spice everything, and the start of fall. When kids transition back to school, changes in the daily routine and dynamics at home can positively affect the time you spend with your dog — if you choose to be intentional about it!

Here are some ways to enjoy your dog’s company as the seasons start to change:

Morning Walks:

Use the post-bus/school drop-off time each morning to take your dog for a walk. A brisk walk is energizing and can provide your dog with exercise and mental stimulation.

Short Training Sessions:

Dedicate a few minutes each day to working on training exercises with your dog. This reinforces their obedience, provides mental engagement, and strengthens your bond.

Relaxation Time:

Spend some quality downtime with your dog. Dogs appreciate quiet moments as much as they love active play.

Grooming and Care:

Use school time to tend to your dog’s grooming needs. Brush their teeth and coat, and clean their ears. Regular care maintains your dog’s health and appearance.

Dogs appreciate quiet moments as much as they love active play.”

Consider Daycare or Playdates:

If your dog enjoys socializing with other dogs, consider enrolling him in a dog daycare a couple of days a week or arranging playdates with other dog owners.

Training Classes:

Now might be a good time to enroll your dog in a training class or workshop. This can provide structure and stimulation while improving their obedience skills.

Afternoon Playtime:

When your kids return from school, involve them in some playtime with the dog. Fetch, tug-of-war, and other interactive games can provide physical exercise and some good, old fashioned kid fun.

Remember, dogs thrive on routine and companionship. While the back-to-school transition might change your schedule, maintaining a consistent routine for your dog’s feeding, exercise, and interaction times will help him adjust. Dogs are adaptable and can enjoy various types of interactions, whether it’s energetic play, calm cuddles, or training exercises. Your efforts to include your dog in your daily activities will ensure they remain happy, healthy, and cherished members of the family all year long!

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What are your favorite ways to welcome Fall with your four-legged friend?

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