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October 7, 2017 | We Care | Tips from Lerma Pere

5 Natural Ways To Fight Ticks

Ticks are pesky – both for pets and humans alike. And it’s not just because their bites are itchy. Did you know that they can make you sick? Ticks can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and spotted fever. In dogs, they can lead to anemia, blood loss, tick paralysis, and skin irritation. Continue Reading >

February 8, 2017 | We Care | Tips from Lerma Pere

Top Food Safety Tips

People often think of their four-legged pals as superheroes. Who wouldn’t when we’ve seen them rescue men, help blind and older people cross the streets, save people from drowning, or even protect babies from the abusive nanny. They have been so celebrated as heroes that owners can easily forget that their stomachs are just as vulnerable to certain microbes as ours. Continue Reading >

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