5-Tips For Sharing Your Space With Your Dog

Quarantine has made staying indoors a must for most people. However, indoor living can be tough especially if you have a small apartment. Adding a dog to the equation can make things even more difficult if you don’t have a plan in place. These tips can help you get creative and create a relaxing oasis for your furry friend.

  • Train your dog to get comfortable with the space:
    Living in a small apartment is not just about the apartment itself. You must also be mindful of the building’s rules and your neighbors. Train your dog to get comfortable on elevators and with delivery people. Be patient with your dog while you get him acclimated to this new environment. Calmly petting him and telling him to relax while in the elevator can work wonders.
  • Designate a space for your pet:
    Your dog needs “me time” too. That means an area designated just for him that he can run to and relax. This may seem hard to do in a small apartment, but it’s not. Pay attention to the areas your dog naturally gravitates to, like a specific corner or nook. Place a bed there and some toys to make it more comfortable. Give your dog treats and food when he’s in his nook so he associates it with peace and comfort.
  • Keep things neat and tidy:
    In a small apartment, things can get messy quickly. To avoid this, invest in additional storage like hanging organizers and stackable boxes. Not only will it keep your apartment organized, but it will also prevent and haphazard slip and falls. Your dog and guests will thank you.

Be patient with your dog while you get him acclimated to this new environment.

  • Go outside:
    No matter what you and your dog need fresh air, and nothing beats the great outdoors. Large apartment buildings usually have parks and open-air spaces nearby. Visit these areas with your dog and allow him to play and soak in the scenery. Create a routine with your pup by going for a walk at a certain time each day. If you like to work out, go jogging with your dog. The key is to keep your dog active and to give him a break from being cooped up in the apartment.
  • Play some music while you’re gone:
    Dogs need mental stimulation and spending hours in silence can wear on them. To keep your dog entertained while your away, try playing some music. Light background music can keep your dog relaxed while you’re away. Leave some toys out and reassure your pup that you’ll be home soon.

Hopefully with these tips you and your dog can adjust to apartment living while making the most out of your space!

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

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