5 Reasons To Foster A Dog

Everyone knows adopting a dog from a shelter saves lives but many people are unaware that fostering a dog can be just as beneficial. When you foster, you provide a temporary home for a shelter dog for a certain amount of time; often until they are adopted by another family (or you, which is known as a “foster fail”). But, fostering is so much more than that. Here are just five of the many reasons to become a dog foster parent!

It saves lives, literally. Many dogs that come into shelters or rescue groups are in rough shape – physically, mentally, or both. They arrive with injuries like broken legs, skin issues such as mange, or come from abusive homes. Dogs with these issues hardly ever do well in shelter settings and quite literally be saved by foster families. Even just a week with a foster family can greatly improve the condition of a shelter dog.

It provides them with love & socialization. A shelter environment is very traumatic for any dog – injured or not. It’s loud, chaotic, and downright scary. Dogs who are able to live in foster homes receive the love and socialization they need to thrive. It gives them a chance for potential adopters to see their true personalities, rather than how they act at the shelter.

It makes room for other dogs in the shelters. A dog taken to a foster home makes room for another dog to have a spot in the shelter. This is especially helpful for city shelters (they are often the ones that euthanize dogs due to overcrowding). One dog out of the shelter will provide a chance for another one to live.

“One dog out of the shelter will provide a chance for another one to live.”

It’s perfect if you aren’t able to commit to a permanent situation. Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Some people are not ready for that type of commitment, which is where fostering comes in! Fostering is perfect for those that cannot commit to a permanent house guest. Depending on the shelter or rescue group and condition of the dog, foster dogs can spend anywhere from one day to one year with their foster families.

It can help both you and your existing pets. Fostering not only helps the dogs, it can help you and your existing pets. If you recently lost a pet of your own, for example, a foster can help with grieving and ease the pain. It also makes you feel great. Knowing you are saving a dog’s life can instantly boost your happiness. It can also help your existing pets – especially with socialization. Some dogs – particularly those with separation issues – benefit greatly from having a friend around, even if it’s only for a couple weeks!

Fostering a dog is not only extremely self-rewarding, it also saves these dogs lives. With so many dogs dumped in the shelters, fostering can be the difference between life and death. Consider fostering a pup – you never know, you could become a “foster fail” and end up with the perfect life-long family member.

Image by Chelsea Tirone

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