5 Outdoor Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog

The cold is over and it’s time to for you and your dog to get outside and get active!

After what seemed to be a never-ending winter, the summer is finally here and it’s time to get outside (and active) with your dog!  Just like people, dogs get tired of being cooped up in the house during the colder months and enjoy getting out in the sunshine. We often forget that many of the outdoor activities we enjoy, our dogs enjoy too!

If you are wondering what some of these activities might be, here are five to consider. Choose one to kick off the summer or give them all a try!

Take a Hike. Grab the leash and the hiking boots! Not all hiking trails allow dogs, so check first. While you are getting some exercise, and enjoying the scenery, your dog is exploring new scents and new surroundings while getting some fresh air! (Bring lots of water for the both of you.)

Have a Beach Day. Pack the umbrella, the leash and some SPF and you are good to go. The beach is a great place for families, friends and dogs, too! Dogs love being able to swim in the ocean, and the beach is a new environment for them. Bring an umbrella so the both of you can enjoy the comfort of the shade when it gets a little too hot, and most importantly, water for hydration! The hot sun and high temperatures can be dehydrating.

“The hot sun and high temperatures can be dehydrating.”

Take a Walk in the Park. There are plenty of dog friendly parks out there, so pick one and take a stroll! This is an easy way to get outside that both you and your dog can enjoy. Your dog might even meet a few friends!

Bring Your Workout Outside. Next time you are going to workout, instead of hitting the gym, find a fenced in area and bring your dog along! Your dog will keep you motivated and will enjoy chasing you as you run around! Every time you do a squat, give your dog a belly rub!

Play in the Sprinkler. On a super-hot day, there is nothing better than a refreshing mist! Go out in the backyard, turn on the sprinkler, and have at it! Your dog will have a blast chasing the water as it spins around and cools you both off!

These activities give you the chance to get outside, get active and bond with your dog. Keep in mind, during any outdoor activity in the summer that it is crucial to stay hydrated and have shade nearby to avoid a heat stroke. Enjoy the sun and get moving! Next time you are partaking in a summer activity, remember to bring your best buddy along!

Photo credit cuatrok77 via Foter.com

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