4 Reasons To Train Your Dog

January 29, 2018 | We Learn | Tips from Heather Burdo
You bring home your new pup and you’re completely in love with your new addition to your family. With all the excitement over your new dog, you may not have considered training him. Once he starts chewing on shoes and barking like crazy at the neighbors, there’s no better time to start training. You can train your dog yourself with some useful resources online or you can contact a professional dog trainer. You and your family can reap several benefits by training your dog, including: 

Enhances Your Bond. A trained dog is allowed more freedom. For example, when you go for walks, they will obey the leash and not tug, or if you let your dog outside you won’t have to worry about him running away. Your dog will come to you when called, creating trust between the both of you. Training reduces stress on pet owners as dogs are taught what to do and they will know what you want with certain commands. 

Increases Confidence. If you’ve ever noticed a dog cower behind its owner when new people are around, that dog is likely lacking confidence. Some basic training can make your dog prepared and less likely to become a timid dog as he grows. As he is taught how to respond to basic cues, he will find his environment more predictable and allow for increased confidence. When your dog does miss a cue it’s best to offer positive reinforcement; acting with physical or verbal punishment can wreak havoc on your new pup’s confidence. 

“…acting with physical or verbal punishment can wreak havoc on your new pup’s confidence.”

Provides Safety For Your Family and Others. When a dog is trained, he is less likely to harm others. For example, some dogs may lack self-control and bite on instinct. A dog that is trained to not bite strangers provides safety for not only your family but others. 

More Freedom. Training your dog can not only give him freedom but you as well. For example, if you want to go outside and do some things in the yard, you can let your dog off the leash knowing he will stick around. If you don’t have leash laws where you live, you can even bring your dog for a walk on trails and feel confident he will stay right next to you. Basic training can also allow you to bring your dog to the dog park and he will be less likely to sit there barking the whole time. 

FsHH via Pixabay

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