3 Ways Your Dog Is Saying “I Love You”

Haven’t you ever heard that a dog has the most unconditional love in the entire world? Throughout your entire day there are hundreds of different ways that your furry friend is attempting to communicate with you. Once you become aware of the signs, your time spent will your precious pet will forever change.

These are the top 3 ways your dog is saying “I Love You!”

The Eye-Contact Game. Have you ever caught your precious little pup making eye contact with you before? It’s been said by numerous dog experts that it’s in the moment where the owner and the dog are making eye-contact, almost like a game, that the dog is communicating to its owner, “I Love You!”

Where Is Your Dog Sleeping? Ask yourself, where is your dog sleeping? Does your dog often happen to find its way over to your bed as if it’s a nightly routine? Many dog owners and specialists turn the head in disgust of the idea of a dog sleeping on their bed – but, if this is happening to you, it’s a sign that your dog is saying, “I Love You!” The logistics here is that your precious little pup is portraying its loyalty and love because it does not want to be separated from you – its pack!

“[Your Dog] does not want to be separated from you – its pack!”

Separation Anxiety or Calm as a Cucumber. Whenever you leave your home, does your dog act in a manner of panic and frenzy or relax and calm? If your dog is showing signs of panic or frenzy, this has been deemed by numerous specialists as a form of separation anxiety. On the other hand, if your furry friend is demonstrating the signs of being cool, calm and collected, your puppy is communicating with you something different. In the dog’s mind, the representation of calmness is their way of accepting, understanding and trusting that you will come back. That calm nature that you may be confused about, is your puppy’s way of saying, “I Love You!” Then, guess what happens when you come back home? The excitement, the joys and the moments of unconditional love!

artem-sapegin via Unsplash

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