10 Chew Toys Your Dog Should Avoid

Chewing is a natural part of a dog’s well being. Chewing on toys or other healthy items is beneficial for a dog’s mental health and sense of comfort. Beware of the following items below, however, because they can cause your dog more harm than good.  

Animal remains. Bones and other hard animal substances such as antlers or hooves are among the most common of all chew toys. Bones, however, splinter and crack. Tiny pieces can cut your dog’s gums or become lodged in the esophagus. 

Ice cubes. Dentists tell us not to chew ice because of the damage that it does to our teeth. What’s good for humans is also good for dogs. Ice cubes are deceivingly destructive. While they are easy to crunch through they can also cause cracking in the teeth. 

Tennis balls. What dog owner doesn’t love to see his or her pet fetch a tennis ball? They seem harmless enough. On the contrary, tennis balls contain nylon that can cause enamel deterioration.  

Hard plastic. Dogs have powerful jaws that allow them to chew through all types of substances. Hard plastic is not one of them. Hard plastic has zero elasticity. As a result, dogs often break or chip their teeth on plastic in an effort to chew through it. 

“…dogs often break or chip their teeth on plastic in an effort to chew through it.”

Sticks. Sticks are to dogs like baseball is to America…at least symbolically. The reality is that sticks are responsible for numerous lethal internal injuries that include the heart, stomach, trachea, gums, eyes, and the lungs.  

Rope. Dogs will often swallow what they chew on. Sometimes this is intentional; other times it’s not. Such is the case with rope. Dogs can accidentally swallow strands of rope. Since rope is not digestible it can do damage to the stomach and intestines.  

Rubber chew toys. Not all rubber chew toys are dangerous. When purchasing rubber toys, make sure the object is firm enough for the dog to chew, but has enough elasticity so that the dog doesn’t suffer from a broken tooth.  

Bully sticks. Bully sticks are filled with calories and bacteria from previous chewing sessions. Though there is no imminent danger with chewing bully sticks, there could be negative long-term health effects. 

Children’s toys. Whenever possible, you should protect your dog from children’s toys. Dogs love to chew on crayons, stuffed animals, and other toys that were designed for children.  

Linear objects. Some of the most dangerous items for dogs to swallow can be linear objects such as rubber bands, ribbons, footwear such as socks or pantyhose, and any type of string.

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