Two Chihuahua Rescues

November 14, 2016 | We Love | Story by Jacqueline Rotteveel
I rescued Timmy on Valentine’s Day 2014. I’d never had a small dog before, but I fell in love at first sight. My previous dog was a beautiful golden retriever who was trained as my service dog for many years. After he retired I felt pretty lost. So, Timmy was a bundle of blessing.

I have always rescued “special needs” critters. I was the “hospice” to dozens of rescued guinea pigs who were sick and disabled. My cat, Emily, is a feral rescue. So, I started to feel a tad guilty about having a “healthy” rescue.

I started looking around specifically for a special needs Chihuahua. I figured Timmy could use a friend, and I had the time and heart to give a special needs pup a soft place to land.

I found Jose, who was currently being fostered by a pit bull rescue, Good Dog Adoption Agency Inc. Jose and his brother were intentionally dumped in an alley. The vet guessed they were 10 plus years old. It was later that they discovered that they had spent their entire lives OUTSIDE 24/7 – heat, cold, hurricanes, blizzards, etc., and not given near enough food, and no vet care. The rescue took them in, vetted them, and then worked tirelessly to find the right home for these boys.

“The rescue took them in, vetted them, and then worked tirelessly to find the right home for these boys.”

Jose had, and continues to have, multiple health issues – an infection in his spine which has left him permanently hunched over, luxating patellas so bad the vet is amazed he can even walk, and teeth in such bad shape his jaw bone had become necrotic (he’s now toothless). He’s in chronic pain, but also allergic to so many different medications that managing his pain is a real challenge.

I fell in love with Jose immediately. I still cringe when I think of all he and his brother endured. Jose now has a soft warm place to spend his life, and a new brother – Timmy – who understands him and is gently playful.

Managing Jose’s health continue to be challenging, as his joints get worse the older he gets. But love conquers a lot. And besides, I understand Jose in a unique way. I too have spinal disease and severe arthritis. So when the weather is cold and damp, we both huddle up together on heating pads and under thick blankets and get comfort licks from Nurse Timmy.

Who knew adopting these 2 pups could change my life in such amazing ways?

Jose and Timmy

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