Tips For Introducing A Puppy To Adult Dogs

August 10, 2016 | We Learn | Tips from Ingrid Saunders
Photo credit Xanboozled via Foter_opt
Photo credit Xanboozled via Foter

Oh boy, this might sound like quite the task, but it’s actually not as bad as it seems. Adult dogs are set in their ways and comfortable within their home and their space, then a tiny little puppy comes home and can possibly change everything? Here are a few ways to help your new puppy come home with a nice introduction to older, or established, dogs.


Location. Outside in a fenced yard is a great place to do an introduction. A new puppy may get scared and have to use the bathroom, so being outside is a smart move logistically too. Adult dogs and a new puppy can wander around and get to know each other’s scent.

Temperament. Most new puppies are going to be approximately 8 weeks old when they are able to leave their mother. These little puppies are energetic, curious, and playful. Not all older dogs are up for that. A great way to ensure the energy level is taken down a few notches with a puppy is to play with them BEFORE the introduction. Puppies sleep a lot, especially after play, so they won’t be as active when they see new adult dogs.


“Puppies sleep a lot, especially after play, so they won’t be as active when they see new adult dogs.”

Tools. Another great way for an introduction is to have your puppy on a leash, just to keep your puppy from jumping on the adult dogs (an adult dog might snip at a puppy for being jumped on). Use a leash to guide the puppy around and help the puppy meet the adult dogs. It’s also a good idea to have extra treats on hand. Remember to praise good behavior with your adult dogs as well as begin to train your puppy. The main thing to remember is: no yelling and to stay calm.

Actions. This is a different approach that has worked for a pet rescue volunteer. The volunteer sits on the ground and lets all of her own personal dogs meet the new puppy with lots of petting action to her dogs and the new puppy. It’s a calm way to introduce everyone and her older dogs are more concerned with getting praise than what is going on with the new puppy.

The main thing to do when introducing a puppy into the home around adult dogs is to stay calm. Adult dogs might wonder who the new critter is in the home, but generally after a few hours or days – the puppy will just be a part of the crew.

Have you had any experience introducing a puppy to an adult or established dog? Comment below!


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