The Rescue Option

April 28, 2015 | We Care
I am a big believer in the rescue. Much like human adoption, there are so many animals that need homes.

I have never considered owning a purchased pure breed but there are rescues for many breeds-if you are in the mood for a specific type of dog take a search and see what pops up.

Barnaby was incredibly important on the rescue front because he didn’t have much time to find a family. The shelter in Fresno where he was found is known for being a kill shelter. If it was not for Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco, this sweet boy wouldn’t have had a chance at a great life (or the great life I try to give him). He is pretty awesome in his own right, but time had run out. And time runs out for more dogs than my heart can bear to think about.

Wes too, was a rescue, born to a pregnant mother in the East Bay Animal Rescue and Refuge. He was with his whole litter outside Petco that one fateful day. EBARR made an attempt to save the lives of a whole litter, and the mother, and it worked. All those puppies found homes the day I found Wes and I have to count my lucky stars that I was in the right place at the right time, just as he was.


“And time runs out for more dogs than my heart can bear to think about.”

I assume Barnaby is the same age as Wes, who just turned 5, but only think that because he was still fairly mouthy even though his records put him as old as four. The vet guessed he ranged from 1 to four and based on his need to chew, I decided for him that he was not quite out of puppydom. He and Wes now celebrate their birthdays together each March.

Isn’t it a funny thing, these makeshift families we make for ourselves, and quite often it ends up being completely circumstantial rather than strategic.

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