The Big World of Hazel

April 22, 2016 | We Care
So….life is productive, the crazy beautiful kind. I have no complaints. And that is largely because my life is full of joyful beings that love with abandon.

Animals love so selflessly…We could all learn a thing or two from them, as I know I have over time. So, with my world being as beautifully full of love as it is, I am updating everyone on how Hazel’s world is just as beautiful. I’ve written previous posts about her (lack of harnessing the power of a safety harness, and stranger danger lifestylin’ that was putting her at risk) so this one will close the circle in a more positive light:


“Animals love so selflessly.”

HAZEL (or Hazel Kanutzen Kanoodle) is awesome. She’s 9 months now and she is probably Barnaby’s best friend. She doesn’t like to wear a harness but we make do with our third purchase. She is also settling in with her reactions to other dogs, despite our inability to find her a puppy support group, even finding a few that she likes to chase and play with. She’s growing up nicely.

Here are some pics of how she spends her time:

Helping me work-notice the Chinese food. Chinese food and Hazel are working staples.

This is a tug-o-war toy that is just a bit too big for her, as you can tell. She often plays with it by herself.

Cuddle time. Those baby blues…

Life is so short. These boogers remind me to live every moment like it means something – love and family and time well spent.

Enjoy your weekend all!

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