The Best Dog-Friendly Destinations Worldwide

September 2, 2016 | We Learn | Tips from Juliette Spirson
Vacationing with your dog is a ton of fun. Not only does the entire family get to go, but you can also avoid the cost and stress of boarding your pup or leaving them with friends. Road trip around the world with your canine companion and they’ll never forget the wide world of smells they experienced.

Here are some of the top dog-friendly destinations in the world:

Bois de Vincennes in Paris.Take your pooch to Paris for a trip around these beautiful gardens! This large public park has a beautiful lake, multiple paths to walk, and tons to explore with your French poodle. For those lucky enough to take their lapdog onto an international flight with them, this layover is worth some love. Bone-jour!

Fort Funston in San Francisco. This beach outside San Francisco is a hilly, trail-filled paradise, populated by only dog lovers and their furry friends! With happy pups as far as the eye can see, this coastal oasis is the top destination for Bay Area dog owners. Spot dolphins, whales, and other coastal critters while your dog runs and plays in the surf.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. There are several campsites and trails that you can enjoy with your dog at this national treasure. Bringing your dog along allows the entire family to make memories — and take photos — that will last a lifetime. Just keep a tight hold on that leash and remember to bring enough water for your dog as well!

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. This strange landscape may look like a faraway desert, but you and your dog can check it out without a trip overseas or into outer space! As with all national parks, dogs are permitted in certain areas and kept from others in the name of natural preservation. Try swapping dogsitting duties with other campers!

Dog Beach in Florida. Dog Beach may have a simple name, but it’s the only beach in Key West where dogs are allowed in the water, so it’s hard to get confused. Check it out for a beachy, tropical vibe that everyone comes to Key West for — it’s the ideal vacation spot for those dogs who love to lounge in the sun.

“Dog Beach may have a simple name, but it’s the only beach in Key West where dogs are allowed in the water, so it’s hard to get confused.”

Hudson River Dog Park in New York. This $6.5 million dog park in New York City provides an urban playground for city canines! In true city fashion, this park is open until 1 a.m.! Rub noses and sniff butts with the elite of New York — you never know whose dogwalker you might be standing next to.

Ohlone Dog Park in California. No dog park tour would be complete without the first officially recognized dog park in the United States! This park in Berkeley has been there for over thirty years. Recognized as one of the top ten dog parks in the country, it boasts off-leash safety supported by a non-profit society.

Acadia National Park in Maine. Dogs can’t swim at this national park, but they can camp and are entitled to be on over 100 miles of trails at Acadia National Park! With beaches and mountains and every natural environment imaginable to play in, you’ll tire out a long time before your dog does, and long before the trails run out!

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. This national park is famous for having the world’s largest cave system. You can hike or even camp here with your dog while you learn about the local ecosystems! Your dogs can’t come in the cave, but if you have children they may want to stay outside anyway — plus, local hotels have dogsitters so you can explore the 400 miles of cave!

Turtle Beach in Hawaii. If you’re ready for a vacation, it’s time to hit the beach! This beach on the North Shore of Oahu is open to human and dog surfers alike. If your dog can’t surf, don’t worry — you can always rent a board for you and your best friend. Spend the day learning the waves, or just lay out and enjoy a lazy doggy day.

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  • Dedicated servers / June 16, 2017

    A combination of great food, beautiful architecture and live music serve as the perfect backdrop for a great vacation with Fido. Designed and tailored specifically for you and your dog, this tour gives you and your pup the opportunity to sniff out Savannah s historical sites while you hear more about this beautiful city.

    • admin / June 30, 2017

      So interesting-thanks for sharing about a tour of Savannah!

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