Taking Your Puppy Home : What to Expect

October 8, 2020 | We Care | Heather Burdo

You’re super ecstatic about bringing home your new puppy. The anticipation is high and you can’t wait until your little companion is in your arms; however, you need to be aware of what you can expect.

First Day Home: Feeling Anxious
Your new puppy may feel anxious as he leaves his mother and litter mates.  Try to arrange your schedule so that your puppy won’t be home alone for 3-4 days — this can help his anxiety and make him feel more secure. Make sure you plan properly for the introductory period by keeping your puppy the center of attention. 

Just like little kids, puppies chew on everything.  Before you even think about bringing the puppy into your house, you need to make sure you prepare your home. Put up any electrical wires they can chew on.  Make sure to create a temporary gated space for them until they are house trained. You also should make sure there is nothing left out that could harm your puppy, such as medicines, toxic plants, or chemicals.

Feeding Your Puppy
It’s best to find out which food the puppy was eating right before he came to your home. By abruptly switching his food, you can cause some stomach discomfort. Slowly introduce new food to him mixed in with his current food so his body can get used to it. Feedings should occur at least 2-3 times per day.

“Before you even think about bringing the puppy into your house, you need to make sure you prepare your home.”

Vet Check
One of the most important things you can do when you bring your puppy home is schedule a veterinarian appointment.  You can expect an initial puppy examination and possible vaccines.  Find out if your puppy has any paperwork or if he has received any vaccines so you can let your veterinarian know.  Vaccinations are time sensitive and should be done on a specific schedule.

Puppy Training
If you don’t have time to train your puppy, it’s best to find an obedience school. Let them adjustto your home and their new surroundings first. However, make sure to get the training while the puppy is still young so it will be more effective. Since puppy training is unregulated, make sure to do your research before you choose someone to train your new puppy. Check out reviews and ask your family and friends for recommendations.

Bringing home a puppy doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  Being prepared will allow you to house train your puppy easier. Give your puppy loads of affection and they will be your companion for life!

Photo by Lydia Torrey on Unsplash

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