Summer Dog Lovin’ Spots in the East Bay

A dog may be man’s best friend, but summertime is a dog’s. I mean-think about it, tall grass to run around in, beach days and Frisbee catch, Summer critters emerging just waiting to be chased.

Unfortunately, for a dog owner in a big city, sometimes your dog’s entire playground is a plot of grass a quarter of the size of a city block between a couple of apartment buildings. Not quite anyone’s idea of a great time, dog or man.

Lucky for Lucky that San Francisco is ranked as the #1 most dog-friendly city in America, but with the hustle and bustle of the city, how do you make time for everything? One of the most dog-friendly streets in the East Bay is College Avenue in Berkeley, featuring the perfect scenery for a relaxing day out with your dog. Even better, there’s a store nearby for every need. Clothes, groceries, restaurants & cafes, bookstores, a post office, and nearly all of them are dog-friendly so your best friend never has to wait outside.


“There’s a store nearby for every need.”

Most of the shops on the avenue leave water bowls outside of their establishments for thirsty pups and more than a few keep treats behind the counter for all the dogs that come in (Mrs. Dalloway’s Books and Your Basic Bird to name a couple).


Repeat customers at Mrs. Dalloway’s books in Berkeley enjoying healthy, homemade snacks!

There are various parks and resting places scattered around the area, and College Ave. is in close driving range to Lake Merritt where there’s plenty of space for pups to stretch their legs.  You may need a drink after all of that excitement, and Heart & Dagger Saloon is a great dog-friendly bar right across the street from the lake. They provide a huge outdoor seating area behind the bar and dogs are completely allowed (however, the bar is cash only).

While you may not have the means to take your dog somewhere like Santa Cruz boardwalk for his dream beach day, remember that city-friendly and dog-friendly are not mutually exclusive terms.

Keep checking back for more dog-friendly city attractions and places so you and your dog can have the best Summer ever!


Bruin enjoying healthy treats!

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