Routine is for the Dogs

April 22, 2015 | We Love
I am a creature of habit, and apparently so are my pups. They like early mornings, and early nights. And eating at 6 am and 6 pm like they knew what a clock actually was.

They like their same toys, and same food, and same direction on a walk. Barn, as laid back as he is, has it figured out, but it is Wes, in his infinite anxiety, that paws the food bowls to let me know they are empty and that he is hungry. It is also Wes that makes the first wake up call, by coming straight to my face, tongue lolling across my cheek, and then a full body splat against my side, letting me know, without a single doubt, that he is ready for the day…odd when you think about how often he spends the rest of it hiding under the bed…So, in honor of routines, here is ours:


Crack of Dawn (every.single.morning): Barn and Wes jump on me to wake me up.

Crack of Dawn +2 They are out the back door, doing their business, often times before I get to do mine.

Crack of Dawn +4 Both boys scarfing their food like they’ve never seen a bowl full of kibble before. Barn’s version is much like a hoover inhaling debris-nothing is safe. Wes is daintier, less voracious, but nonetheless powerless to the sweet smell of Chicken and Potatoes.


“Wes is daintier, less voracious, but nonetheless powerless to the sweet smell of Chicken and Potatoes.”

Crack of Dawn +8 Outside again for another run at their personal business. I end up having to tap the glass so they’ll stop smelling their own smells and come back inside.

Crack of Dawn +15 I am dressed and we are at the park for the boy’s morning run. Now that the sun is up with the time change, I can get there early and still head out to work on time. Winters are hard, and cold, and not at all conducive to early morning commutes while trying to raise happy and healthy dogs…

Crack of Dawn to Crack of Sunset: Working, with no dogs sadly.

Crack of Sunset: Dog park visit number two-play until Barn lays down from dog exhaustion, then dinner which now has an addition of a wet spoonful of more chicken and potatoes. They are so in love with wet food.

Weekends are only different because there is no lull for them during the hours I would normally be at work, and I get a slight reprieve on the wake up time (but not much). We get longer outings in dirty places-like beaches and oceans and hiking trails-and they’ll both often need a bath. And we also do a lot of cuddling on the couch, wrestling with kongs, and trips to and from the car. Weekend adventures are the best for both humans and pups-I think I look forward to it as much as they do!

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