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April 24, 2017 | We Love | Story by Poppy Lola
My name is Poppy-Lola and I’m a  long haired chihuahua who’s life changed on June 6th, 2015.

My life started out in a “home” that wasn’t like the one I’m in now, a human doctor told my new mummy that my life before wasn’t good, that I came from a puppy farm, whatever that is!

I was very dirty and smelly with stains all up my legs from standing in my own toilet, my nails were very overgrown and thick, my spine and front legs were bent due to being kept in a small “cage” and I was terrified of humans, especially men!

I didn’t know how to play with toys or walk on a lead and the big outdoors were far too scary for me! So when mummy tried to take me out on a harness, I lay down hoping she’d take me back inside! But she didn’t, mummy kept working with me, now I’ve learned that outside is fun and I love meeting other small dogs like me, but mummy says I can be a bit bossy! 😉

When my new mummy brought me home, she was gentle, giving me lots of kisses & cuddles! I was scared, but I knew I was safe now.

“I was scared, but I knew I was safe now.”

At first, I didn’t really understand what the humans were doing when they reached out to pet me, I thought they were going to hurt me, so I screamed really loud. I know this made mummy sad, she didn’t give up though! Mummy and my new human family showed me that petting is good, it’s nothing to be afraid of. I love being stroked now so much that I even taught my mummy a trick! She tickles my tummy if I scratch at her hand and I don’t even have to give her treats!! Sometimes I have to bark at her and paw her face when she’s asleep to wake her up so I can get tickles! 😉

The first few months in my new home was new to me, I was learning to trust my new humans more and more everyday. They showed me that outside isn’t as scary as I thought! I used to be scared to walk past anything big and dark outside, like trash bins! I would crouch right down and crawl along the floor as fast as I could. Mummy kept taking me near bins and showing me that bins aren’t scary, they make me get chicken for being brave! Now I walk past bins without any problems anymore! Some things out there are still scary, but I know my mummy’s got my back!

In September ‘15, mummy took me to animal hospital again for an operation, they took something from my tummy that mummy told me meant I wasn’t going to have any more puppies. I heard the vet tell mummy to make sure I rest and stay calm but I had other ideas: I discovered how much fun playing was! I found this little ball of fluff (mummy calls it a Pom Pom) and started throwing it around. I know this made my mummy happy. I finally found out how much fun playing is. Now I play all the time and I’ve got plenty of toys to choose from – Maybe even too many!

I’ve been to hospital for operations twice since then, one time for the doctor to clean my teeth and take three bad ones out and another to take a picture of my leg. This was when mummy found out that I have a luxating patella because I was limping and not using my back leg as much as I should have been. The doctor gave mummy a plan to try and fix my knee by strengthening my muscles and having special tablets to help. I like when the vet gives me medicines because my mummy gives me them in chicken. 😉

“I like when the vet gives me medicines because my mummy gives me them in chicken. ;)”

I heard the vet say they might have to operate on my knee in the future, but for now my knee is much better. I still have rare days where it hurts me to go for walks, but mummy still takes me out in my pooch pushchair so I can still enjoy the fresh air.

I’ve been to the vet quite a few times with my mummy and they’ve found some other things about my health: Last year they told mummy I have epilepsy too! I was suffering with cluster seizures every two weeks, so the vet tested my blood, my sugar levels and gave mummy some little medicines to go in my food to stop me from having seizures and now, I haven’t had one for a long time! I know this makes my mummy very happy.

My new mummy loves me, I can feel it. I’m not scared anymore, I don’t need to be! I know my new mummy will look after me, she gives me lots of new toys and my favorite things to eat. Especially chicken! I get lots of chicken when my mummy wants me to pose for photos for her since her favorite thing to do is take photos of me!

My journey is far from over and I still have lots of things that are getting better with time, but my mummy is proud of how far I’ve already come in the two years I’ve lived with her. Patience and love was all I needed to learn how to trust humans again. Us rescue pooches all deserve a chance like I’ve been given.

Even though it’s hard work, my new mummy says she wouldn’t change a single thing!

You can find Poppy-Lola on IG: @poppy_lola0615


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